Take the Best Before & After Photos of Your Home Renovation

The best part of a home renovation is having the chance to share it with other people. It’s typical to want to go out and invite people to your newly built home. Of course you’re proud of what you’ve designed! However, another great way to get your renovations out there where they’ll be seen and admired by others is to take the perfect before-and-after photos.

All that takes is a good camera, a good setting and some good timing. Begin with the camera. You can take good before-and-after photos with your phone if it’s a high-megapixel device, though you’re better off with a quality camera that was designed for high-definition pictures. These pictures may have to be resized or condensed to a smaller file size for all the places you want to put them, so starting with the most high-quality pictures is important.

After that, you want to make sure that you’re capturing the right things in your before pictures. We’ll call this mastering the setting. Your ‘before’ pictures should emphasize the things that you’ll be changing with as many angles as possible, so that people can really see the true difference in the “after” pictures.

The timing is perhaps the most important part of taking your before and after pictures, if you want the pictures to “pop”, it’s important to make sure that they’re taken at the right time of day. You want to wait for a period (for both pictures) where the changes are going to be bathed in natural light. Depending on where your windows are facing, this may mean a wide range throughout the day. Whatever time you choose, try to make sure that the “after” pictures are taken at the same corresponding time.